The Low Cost Of Mattresses

- Dec 30, 2017-

The low cost of mattresses

A common consumer complaint is that mattresses are too expensive, but simple math says otherwise.


For example, the average price of a new car is around $33,500. With financing, that’s about $92 a day per year. And how long do you typically spend in your car each day? Two, three hours tops?

Now, let’s see how this compares to mattresses. The average price for a new, high quality mattress is around $2,500. But let’s go a little higher. With financing, a $5,000 mattress comes out to $2.92 a day per year for about 5 years. That means a $1,000 mattress comes out to $0.14 a day. Would you rather pay $1,000, or just 14 cents a day?


But wait, there’s more! If people sleep for an average of 8 hours a night, that’s 10 full days a month they will spend on their mattress. Over the course of their life, they will sleep for 229,961 hours, which comes out to about 1/3 of their entire life. Sleep is essential and beds help bring better sleep, so they are an important product for the health of the consumer.

Take action!

These are the types of facts that open people’s eyes and help them realize that mattresses aren’t as expensive as they think. That’s why it’s critical for RSAs to bring up financing to their customers and explain how it works.

Some people will respond better when they hear they only have to pay 14 cents or $3 a day as opposed to $1,000 or $5,000 on the spot.

If they ask for the price, try telling them the price after financing. But don’t be dishonest. If they ask for the full price, tell them. You aren’t trying to trick the customer; you’re trying to help them look at buying a mattress from a different angle.

Key Takeaway: Use comparisons, perspective and simple math to show consumers the true low cost of a mattress.

How do you combat complaints of mattresses being too expensive? Comment below and let’s start a dialogue.