The Direction Of The Bed Feng Shui

- Jun 14, 2017-

The bed should be properly placed in the bedroom, and not suitable for sitting in the living room.

If conditions permit, the owner (or husband or wife) of the home in the bed, suitable to be placed in the residential southeast or east of the room, the old man's bed, suitable for placement in the residential northwest of the room, and the children's bed, suitable for placement in the residential north-East Room, if the conditions are not available, do not have to reluctantly, can be properly placed.

The bed should be perpendicular to the bedroom door, but not with the bedroom door.

It is not appropriate to have a crossbeam on top of the bed, or a large chandelier ceiling fan hanging.

It is better not to be in bed with a mirror, otherwise it is easy to sleep more dreams, or the upper body.

It's best to see some sunshine in bed.

The time to move is to take the bed and other items to the new house the bed can also move to the reservation bedroom, but can not An Zheng, can only slant, wait until the suitable day hour, then together again, according to folk custom, carry out some necessary safety bed ceremony, this is considered as an Ann bed in place.