Some Considerations About The Choice Of Bed

- Jun 14, 2017-

We spent one-third of our lives in bed, therefore, in the home life, choose a comfortable bed is very important, for the choice of the bed we often do not know how to do, in fact, in the daily life we can sum up some experience, these belong to the soft fitting aspects of the decoration company will not elaborate. How do you choose a comfortable bed?

1. Bed base

The secret of a good bed lies in the bed, so how do you identify the pros and cons of a bed? The first thing to notice is the quality of the bed board, lift the mattress, we will see the wooden bed, if the board is thin plate rather than multilayer, the quality of the beds is obviously not high, with multi-layer plate and steel wire springs made of the bed, with a thick texture without any noise, belong to the quality of the bed.

2, mattress safety, durable bed Foundation can not fully guarantee the comfortable sleep, only the bed base and mattress very good combination, to create the most perfect bed and the best way to rest, select the mattress should pay attention to the following two points:

A, elastic hardness: Everyone's sleep habits are different, therefore, the soft and rigid mattress requirements are different, a good bed with sleep posture changes and automatic adjustment of elasticity, so in the purchase, according to their sleep habits, in a variety of postures to try to lie, if all can feel comfortable, to achieve the best sleep conditions.

B, Size: The length and width of the mattress to be enough, because everyone sleeps will roll over, leaving enough space for people to flip. The length of the mattress with personal height at least plus 15 is divided into appropriate, reserving the space for pillows, reduce sleep pressure, the height of the person recommended to buy a long mattress.