Is The Leather Bed The Leather, How To Judge?

- Jun 14, 2017-

A lot of friends to buy leather bed before there are such doubts, this is not genuine leather? "How do you distinguish a bed from a color?" In this article we introduce the color of the cortex to judge. Here is a comprehensive description of how to identify the dermis.

The first is to look at the appearance, just like "How to use color to distinguish the skin bed good or bad?" "It says, the dermis is bottomless, the man-made material bottom base." Again with hand touch, man-made material plastic feeling is very strong, winter hand feel cold feeling, leather smooth hands feel no cold cool feeling.

The second is to observe the cross-section: The leather section is irregular fiber composition, with the nail scraping under the skin fiber, no significant changes in the section, for the dermis, different parts of the texture is irregular, nose smell odor smell, and artificial leather smell has a plastic or rubber flavor, the texture of the same rules.

The other is to observe the cross-section: natural leather is woven from the skin fibers, and the imitation leather has no such structure. Good leather bed, clean and tidy leather, less disability, soft and flexible feel, uniform color.

The last is to see its color: leather skin color fastness to wet cloth force on the surface of the leather will not fade phenomenon, leather stitching neat, stitch evenly, line trace straight, the appearance of flat, full without wrinkles.

The above content is I sorted out some of the leather-bed cortex True and false method, hope for everyone better choice of leather help.