Is It Good To Have A Cot Or A Wooden Bed?

- Jun 14, 2017-

The advantages of the bed: leather bed comfortable and soft, and colorful, sleek, elegant. Bed beds, bedstead are made of leather face, hue mainly white, red, purple, brown, highlighting the noble temperament, it is very stylish and taste.

The advantages of wood bed: Wood bed has a strong luster, beautiful pattern, texture interleaving, structural coarse, weight and strength of medium, slightly higher hardness, corrosion resistance and so on. Rare wood has rosewood, pear wood, such as Phoebe, the market has been difficult to find, with a certain collection of value.

Leather beds and wooden beds have their own advantages, a stylish luxury, a classical elegance, but if the user according to the bed, suggested that the elderly and children choose wood, not easy to cause spinal problems, if the young people according to their preferences.