How To Choose A Leather Bed

- Jun 14, 2017-

1, buy the bed must be a highlight of its taste, any leather bed will be more or less a little smell, if there is no scent to indicate that it must not be genuine leather. Smell a faint odor, not pungent, one weeks or so can naturally subside without worry. If the taste is heavy, and the pungent is because the leather bed used domestic two layer cowhide. This kind of cowhide bed not only is old, in the eye also lets the person have the feeling which weeps.

2, in addition to smell, we can also view its color, by observing the color of the bed to judge the quality of the skin bed. High-grade leather bed brand with imported medium-thick skin or color, high color purity, no odor. The leather bed made of inferior cowhide has variegated color and can be distinguished by feeling. Good leather bed leather rich luster, no scars, delicate texture, with a hand pinch flexible and powerful. There is also a point, the size of the head layer is limited, if a leather bed business is said to be genuine leather, and there is no seams on either side of the bed, the basic can be concluded that the business is lying.

3, the purchase of leather bed, but also need to understand one points related to small common sense. To know how to distinguish the dermis, fake skin, good skin, secondary skin. We usually see most of the leather bed is the ox skin, cattle skin toughness high, good durability. The cortex generally can be divided into domestic cowhide and imported cowhide, the first layer of skin and two layers of skin.

4, the bed is not comparable to buy other fast consumer goods, the price is generally more expensive, in order not to buy fakes to get better after-sales service, the proposal must go to reputable merchants to buy, to choose like Sigfispi bed such well-known brands, in order to avoid being deceived.

5, please choose whether or not to buy a leather bed, generally in the decision to buy soft beds, a lot of consumers do not know whether they buy cloth or leather bed. It is advisable to decide whether or not to purchase according to the characteristics of the cloth bed and the leather bed. If you need to create a noble and elegant bedroom environment, the leather bed atmosphere will be a great choice. If you are a romantic and passionate person, the colorful fabric bed will be more your appetite. In short, buy a soft bed to suit their own reality, otherwise expensive leather beds to buy home and do not like waste.