Buy Soft Furniture FAQ

- Jun 14, 2017-

(a) Classification of upholstered furniture

1, leather or leather fabric combined with soft furniture: such as the whole skin, half skin, thick skin, Pibb combined with sofas, mattresses, soft beds.

2, Fabric soft furniture: such as fabric sofa, bed and so on.

(b) How to choose furniture

1, the choice of soft furniture should pay special attention to the frame, cushion and fabric used material. such as leather sofa must be clearly indicated in the contract is a full skin, half skin or thick leather sofa, so as to avoid sales staff to half leather sofa posing as a full leather sofa. The framework part of the current more common is the use of hardwood (Catalpa wood, oak, Manchurian ash, birch, etc.), the connection part of the use of mortise connection structure than screw connection structure;

Soft sofa Monastiraki Austrian cushion used in the sponge one to pay attention to the use of standards, the higher the density of the better, in addition, the sea cotton resilience is better, the strength of the fabric, the strength of the cloth is not suitable for wire drawing, leather will not be relaxed.

2, the purchase of mattresses to pay attention to the strength of the spring, filling materials and fabrics. The strength of the spring depends on the steel wire used, the higher the steel number, the better the current material for manganese steel; the material has cotton felt (or chemical fiber felt) and brown film, the permeability of cotton felt is good, the strength of the chemical fiber felt is better.

3. Pay attention to the firmness of furniture structure. If you can use the hand to move the diagonal parts of the sofa, if there is shaking or a creaking rattle, the structure is not firm.

4, check the sofa or bed (MAT) The internal structure of the material whether there is mildew, moth-eaten phenomenon; observe whether the furniture gasket meets the requirements of the industry standards, such as layer number and hygienic index.

5, the purchase contract must specify the material (all skin, half skin), sample color and other content, pay attention to understand the sofa cover, bedding cloth fabric can be washed or dry cleaning, in order to appear in dispute can be traced. To pay attention to the fabric joints of the place there is no leakage, missing nail phenomenon, some fabric sofa set after washing is also easy to shrink deformation.