What do you think about the mattress cleaning?

- Jun 14, 2017-

"The current market on the mattress category is more, common with spring mattresses, 3D mattresses, latex mattresses, palm mattresses and so on." We think that the mattress in general is not necessary to clean, material and filler quality good mattresses only need to maintain regular ventilation can, as for the consumer's consideration of the problem of not cleaning will cause mites bacteria breeding, can not generalize, the state is already the antimicrobial mites have been written to the mattress industry standards, so the mattress production for the choice of filler material is very strict.

When asked about how the mattress was cleaned, most of the mattress brands would be more than once mentioned that the mattress was not normally cleaned.

Although the sales staff almost "agree" that the mattress in the normal use of the situation does not need to be cleaned, but there are many high-end brand business said that if consumers have a mattress cleaning requirements, businesses can also provide free specialized services, some life-long provision, some one year to provide, in which the import brand. Unlike some high-end import brands, when asked if a cleaning service will be provided, more small-brand businesses are saying that the mattress cleaning is not within the scope of the service, but it is especially clear that the mattress does not need cleaning.