Small knowledge of mattress use

- Jun 14, 2017-

The use of home mattresses requires regular replacement. Many people are easy to overlook the length of the mattress life, the general mattress use 5-8 years of mattress Spring has entered the aging period, if continued to sleep on the top of our spine is likely to have adverse effects. And a long time to sleep on it will also feel uncomfortable, maybe the mattress has been some deformation.

Some mattresses need to be replaced with the upper and lower surface, do you notice? Now people like to use a mat such as soft brown, not only beautiful, but also conducive to good health. However, it is easy to ignore the use of the mat for a period of time need to change the side of the use, so that the two sides are exposed to the balance of the endurance, played a very good protection.

During the use of the mattress, it should be flipped periodically. Don't always sit on the edge when sitting in bed, because these corners are the most vulnerable, often sitting in these places, may let the spring inside broken.

After a period of use, it is necessary to clean the mattress, preferably after one months to use a vacuum cleaner to clean up, if there is a stain on it, you can use water absorbent paper to suck out the water. If you have children at home, do not let them jump on it, so that the mattress at a certain point will be too much power to damage the mattress support capacity.