Several aspects of bed maintenance

- Jun 14, 2017-

How to maintain the skin bed The first step: after the bed is placed do not move often, the strength of the use of not all will lead to the skin bed mattress stereotypes damaged, resulting in deformation of the mattress. Place the place not to choose in direct sunlight, the long-term exposure of the sun to the cortex will cause the cortex to fade seriously, thereby reducing the life of the skin bed.

How to maintain the leather bed The second step: cleaning the health can use duster sweep down dust. To keep the bed clean, avoid ink or nail oil and other bad fresh stains stay on the bed, but also to avoid sharp cuts in the leather, it is best not to rely on the bed smoking, cigarette butts easy to scald bad leather.

How to maintain the leather bed The third step: regular cleaning of the leather bed is best for a quarter (also can be handled according to the actual situation). In the cleaning of the liquid on the bed can not use water, directly with absorbent relatively strong dishcloth or paper towels to get clean and then use the fan blow dry on the good, should not use hot air.