Mattress plastic film to be torn off, don't let it damage health

- Jun 14, 2017-

Many people think that the new mattress does not remove plastic film, can make the mattress lasting as new, in fact, this concept is wrong. That will not only shorten the life of the mattress, make the mattress uncomfortable, but also to human health damage!

Why must the film be torn off? Today let Cova give everybody popularize knowledge.

The mattress film is only used for packing.

The mattress layer film is only the outer packaging protective film, the role is to protect the mattress before the sale or transport process will not be dirty. But when buying home, need to be torn off in time, so as to use the process of the original health care role.

Without tearing off the plastic film, the mattress can't send moisture to the air.

The membrane of the mattress can be breathable, the moisture emitted from the body, the hot air can be sucked away by the mattress, and the mattress will be able to emit the moisture into the atmosphere when you are not sleeping.

Without tearing down the plastic film, the mattress will be easily moldy.

If you do not take off the mattress film, you can not breathable and suction water, sleep for a long time, the bed will have wet feeling. and mattress because can not breathable, will be very easy to mold, breeding bacteria and mites, long-term moisture will make your mattress internal structure rust, roll will creak.

Do not tear down the plastic film, will affect people's sleep

According to the experts, the human body will be about a night through sweat glands, such as the discharge of a liter of water, if the mattress on the plastic film to sleep, moisture will not disperse, but will attach to the mat and sheet, cover around the human body, make people uncomfortable, sleep increase the number of times, affecting sleep quality.

Without tearing down the plastic film, the mattress won't breathe.

If you look closely, you will find that many mattresses have three or four holes in the sides, which are vents. Why do manufacturers design such holes on mattresses? is undoubtedly from the human body sleep quality consideration, if the consumer even plastic sheeting do not tear down the words, in vain manufacturers painstaking.