Is it normal to have a smell in the leather bed?

- Jun 14, 2017-

You said the smell of the leather bed is made of leather, and the tanning is added to some chemical raw material. These materials are volatile, long time will be eliminated, you do not have to worry about. The pollution degree of chemical raw materials in leather processing is very little, which has little effect on human body in use.

Put on a period of time smell is gone, your classmate bought the bed estimated in the factory after a period of time to buy back, so the smell has gone, and you may be out of the factory just soon.

If you want to remove the flavor of the dermis as soon as possible, you can use the following methods:

1. Maintain indoor ventilation to allow the smell to evaporate faster.

2. Wipe with alcohol, tea or lemon washing cloth

3. Place a bamboo charcoal to absorb the peculiar smell of the dermis

4. Keeping a potted plant in the room can make the air fresher

5. Put a cut of pineapple indoors, can absorb odor, and make indoor aroma overflowing

6. Give the dermis a photocatalyst. Photocatalyst is a photocatalyst which is developed by nanometer technology, which is specially used for the treatment of indoor air pollution. The surface oxidation reaction will decompose all kinds of harmful things into water and carbon dioxide, and the photocatalyst has the advantages of strong purifying ability, stable effect, no secondary pollution and low maintenance cost, and is suitable for the disinfection, pollution and taste of dermal.