How to choose the right leather bed

- Jun 14, 2017-

First, the choice of consumer satisfaction or after-sales service trustworthy home market. The purchase in Taobao is going to find some sellers with high credit rating.

Second, let's start by talking about the classification of the leather bed cortex. The so-called leather, is that we usually say the cowhide, according to the type can be divided into: Buffalo and ox skin, by day ox skin durability, toughness are very high, so the bed mostly with yellow cowhide do. According to the cortex can be divided into: domestic cowhide and imported leather, domestic skin is divided into: the first layer of skin and two layers of skin. Next, we introduce in detail, the distinction between domestic leather and imported leather?

Often customers buy bed back, will ask, how the bed will have a stink? At the time of purchase, someone will ask if the bed stinks. In fact, any real leather bed will have a taste, no taste, it is definitely not a leather bed. That is not the heavier the smell, the cortex super good? This is just the opposite, domestic skin, especially domestic two-layer skin, the stink of the bed is very heavy, and very old, pungent, if the paint taste more sensitive people, a smell will be a bit shed tears feeling. Serious will make it impossible to sleep, cause respiratory diseases, and so on, this bed is going to be incredible. The odor of imported cowhide is lightly, not pungent, smelly after opening package, three, four days time will slowly weaken, fade. You Amoy friends to choose the bed, you can use the nose to try Oh ~!